Destroyer Ep

by Sent To Destroy

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released June 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Sent To Destroy Posadas, Argentina

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Track Name: Capitalism Never Loses

Recessions and crises you can not see
is that they are no longer cyclic
is the domino effect

Companies and banks fall like pieces
of a perverse game
in which working people only loses

Saved broken companies by state
injecting millions into their pockets
while the worker fails desperate to make ends meet
we are the dark side of the system

Broken cities
when imperialism dies
drag humanity

The ruin of the worker
is the lifeguard of the system
regardless of the consequences
they break the people

Saved broken companies by state
injecting millions into their pockets
while the worker can not make ends meet
we are the dark side of the system

Of the system
Dark side of the system
Of the system
Capitalism never loses
Track Name: Reptilian Bloodlines

I remain to a thought of my own revelation
Your suffering is vital to your domination
you have a false perception of reality
Nothing is as it seems, we are not free
We aren't citizens, we are consumers
A race enslaved for thounsands of years
By evil rulers lizards
Who infiltrated in allancient cultures

Iraq continues to suffer the consequences
No military purpose to bombard childrens
They persue to eliminate the alien
genetic material of sumerian

From the land of the king with blazing rockets
they carried out these practices
Horrible beings with arms covered in scales macabre rituals
The vatican still continues this ancient blood ritual
with this symbolic drinking of the blood of christ
Also they enclose livestock in soccer fields
And feed on their emotions

Gods of the stars, phoenicians ancestors
The advice of the thirteen, unfinished pyramid
Long history of incest, pure DNA

Reptilian Bloodlines!
The Brotherhood of the snake!
Reptilian bloodlines
One bloodline to rule them all the human race

They never been gone, they are underground
their symbolism of power and the dark blood prevails
You won't belive, see for yourself
Kings misanthropes of all time
Track Name: Strange Aggression
The fear in your room
won't let you sleep
feel his hands
caress your soul
the devil shouts for your body

Strange aggression
live after death
Strange aggression
your head will roll

decide to opt for hiding
try plugging your inevitable fate
but in the back of your mind you know
that is your last fucking night

You're screaming and crying but no one can hear you
there is a black shadow standing in your bed
will paralyze your senses
your blood becomes oil

Strange aggression
live after death
Strange aggression
you won't survive tonight

Prepare your ax for battle
Because you are in the world of the living dead
no way out and no one will save
on the horizon approaching enemies
thrash potency your axe and prepare you for the end
Track Name: thrashing Crew

The Guitar begins to sound
It's like a core drill on your temple
There's a lot of blood on stage
Because the thrashers meeting

Some people say we are crazy
I don't give a shit, we bring the beer
We only break laws and jaws
Hey you! We are the menace

The metal empower your soul
You need more loud and speedy
You'll find possesed by thrash
This is not for wimps

With ours vests posts
We take dark streets
The agressive assault begins
We kick the posser's asses

The headbangers shaking his manes at first row
Mongers of mosh, the thrashing crew
His necks are breaking 'cause
Sent to destroy is here!